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What can you do now? Continue to grow relationships with your legislators. E-mails, letters, and calls are great but if you have the chance, take the time to make an appointment and meet them in person! Face to face conversations go such a long way especially when you have a personal story to tell. 

This bill is not the only reason to speak to your Representatives and Senators. Get to know them, let them get to know you, tell them your thoughts or concerns on other legislation. Make sure if you find legislation you support that you tell them that as well! 

Building strong relationships will serve us all in the future when we will inevitably need to call on their support. This is the time to open minds and hearts to our cause. Remember not to treat them all as enemies. Our goal is to find allies that will help us fight to retain our liberties and even gain ground.

Latest Updates: 

The 2020 legislative session has ended. No doubt we will see this bill again next session but for now please continue to work on building relationships with your legislators so when the time comes you can count on them to listen to your concerns. 

February 27th, 2020
HB 103 has stalled - we will continue to monitor this bill and will send out an e-mail alert if this changes.

February 26th, 2020
SB 56 has been pulled - we will continue to monitor this bill and will send out an e-mail alert if this changes. 

Informed Alabama has submitted an amendment proposal to the sponsors of HB 103 and SB 56: Representative April Weaver and Senator Tim Melson as well as other legislators that have been key in this conversation.

This amendment would require that healthcare providers ensure full informed consent by detailing in writing (not through electronic notices) what ImmPRINT is, how it works, what data is collected, how it is shared, the right to change or amend information in the system, and of the right to opt-out. Further, this amendment would also erase the tracking of religious exemptions entirely.

Your CALL TO ACTION is to contact your personal Representatives and Senators and urge them to demand an amendment to HB 103 and SB 56 and that without this amendment, these bills should not progress any further.

We do NOT want either bill to pass as-is but would rather see a version bearing this proposed amendment to pass so that our right to opt-out will no longer merely be a policy that can be changed at any time but rather administrative code that cannot be violated.

Our efforts need to be unified into one goal that would benefit us as a whole. Killing these bills would allow for them to possibly re-occur next session with even stronger wording and for the ImmPRINT policy stating our right to opt-out to be rescinded or changed without the due process that administrative code requires.

Let's work together to make a CHANGE. Let's make a move to GAIN liberties rather than just fight not to lose them.

HB 103 - SB 56 Proposed Amendment

SB 56 Healthcare committee hearing transcript

SB 56

Full Text

HB 103

Full Text

ImmPRint manual

Alabama code



immunization registry - original code being amended by this bill

memorandum of understanding - 5.2

Policy and Procedures for Protecting Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Individually Identifiable Information Contained in the Alabama Immunization Registry

Alabama code 420-6-2 

exchange of immunization information and operation of the alabama immunization registry

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"Immunization tracking bill in alabama"

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