Vaccines are touted by the media to be "safe and effective". Though they are not held to the same standard of safety testing that pharmaceutical drugs are put through and have shown they are not as effective as assumed to be.

Safety and efficacy

CDC Whistleblower, Senior Government Scientist, Dr. William W. Thompson, Breaks Silence Regarding the CDC’s Vaccine-Autism Study Fraud

This ICAN lawsuit against HHS shows that no safety studies have been conducted on vaccines for 32 years. 

Supreme court rules vaccines as "unavoidably unsafe".

CDC Blocks Testimony by Vaccine Whistleblower in Medical Malpractice Case

1971 Vaccines exposed in media not to work and contain cancer causing agents but still encourage the public to vaccinate. 

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny blows the whistle on vaccine safety

Interview on vaccines with Dr. Michael D Farley 

Forensic Pathology Consultant, N.D.