Fluff Doesn't Have to be Tough!

One of the most potentially toxic and expensive things we use daily for our children? Diapers.

My daughter was given Pampers in the hospital and reacted immediately in a skin rash. A friend sent me her entire stash of Alvababy cloth diapers and inserts and I eventually bought more, and from there I began our journey with cloth diapers! It's a non toxic, environmentally friendly option.

I use biodegradable liners to deal with "solids", and spray out in the shower. I place in a pale and wash usually every other day. There are plenty of brands to choose from, I use Mama Koala and Alvababy, both are really good quality.

You can soak the inserts in baking soda and vinegar before and I like to wash my inserts in the sanitary cycle.

Another option is bamboo or biodegradable diapers, but those can be costly and are hit and miss.

Here's a link to cloth diapering basics

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