Expecting a Little One?

There are several of us in the group who are expecting! Which is super exciting. That may be what brought you here. That's actually what brought ME here two years ago, with the pregnancy of my daughter. Many of us want to have a more holistically minded pregnancy, and you might be kind of curious as to how to do that. Heartburn, nausea, restless legs and other symptoms can be a pain. Plus, for many of us, labor and childbirth can leave our bodies feeling incredibly sore and drained. With my current pregnancy, I am doing things a LOT differently than I did with my first, and as a doula I've had success using postpartum recovery tips with clients. Here are some ways to have a more natural pregnancy and postpartum recovery period!

*Organic prenatals. I use My Kind and order them from Amazon. In a perfect world, you don't actually need prenatals, but I nursed until 16 weeks pregnant, so I did actually need a little extra something. To this I add cod liver oil and beef liver capsules.

*For restless legs and muscle pains, epsom salt or magnesium supplements are the way to go. Soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath can help with round ligament pain and can ease tje symptoms of sciatica.

*Fermented foods can help with the occasional issue of constipation. And guess what? Epsom salt can help with that too.

*For nausea, CBD oil, ginger, peppermint oil or spearmint oil, and B12 (preferably through liver) can help with nausea and vomiting. I've done that throught this pregnancy and it helped. Once I was done nursing, peppermint tea was also useful. Lemon balm is also helpful.

*For stretchmarks, homemade body butter (or organic lotions), argan oil, and avocado oil are useful.

*Red raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil are great for getting the uterus ready for birth.

*Chamomile is great for nighttime insomnia.

*Chiropractic care and exercise balls are great for hip and pelvic pain.

*For labor, remember to stay hydrated and eat small snacks. Guess what? ACOG revised their "you can't eat" policy after seeing the benefits of eating and drinking in labor.

*for postpartum, cotton pads soaked in witch hazel and aloe can help with tears.

*compresses made of calendula, lemon balm, and lavender are great. You can also use these for sitz baths, too.

*Arnica and pulsatilla are great herbs and homeopathic remedies for that "I've been in a car wreck" feeling of birth

*coconut oil balm made with natural products like tallow or beeswax is great for sore breasts.

*Remember to drink plenty of water and try to rest as much as you can to recover.

I could write multiple posts, and I probably will, but this is a great starting point!

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