Cleaning Doesn't Have to be Toxic!

So a lot of us here in the group are here because we want our family to lead non-toxic lifestyles and find ways to cut toxic chemicals out of our lives.

This started in 2015 for me, after experiencing infertility, hormone imbalances, and what amounted to heavy metal poisoning after living in New Orleans and finding lead in my water.

When I had my daughter, friends and family gave me lots of products that weren't very clean, and for a while I used them because I felt bad (I mean, after all, they gave me this soap and shampoo!), but then I did a little digging on Johnson & Johnson and some of the products I thought were "clean" were actually green washed. One of these products was diaper cream, because when she cuts teeth, she tends to get epic diaper rashes.

Though I love Boudreaux's Butt Paste, I decided to make my own using the recipe from the blog Farmhouse on Boone, and I tweaked it to my liking. Here is the recipe I use:

4 tbsp bentonite clay 4 tbsp coconut oil 4 tbsp zinc oxide 1/2 cup shea or cocoa butter (I've tried both and they both work well) 3 drops lavender oil 2 drops chamomile, frankincense, or geranium oil

Melt the coconut oil and add shea or cocoa butter, add zinc oxide & clay and mix well. Add essential oils, and then store in a glass mason jar.

I make this often to give to friends & new mamas, because it is by far the best stuff I've tried. Plus, I also use organic shea butter for baby lotion for my little (I use it myself, too).

Over the coming weeks, I will post more recipes for non toxic products, including laundry detergent!

Everyone's journey is different. Some are starting out, some have been doing this much longer than I have. Either way, our goal is not just to promote vaccine rights, but to promote discussion and wellness tips to help everyone in our state have the best health possible!

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