Are you consuming bad fats?

When discussing health and obesity, one of the first things I began looking at in my own life was the food I ate--and what kind of oil or fat I was cooking in.

Six years ago, I realized that the canola oil and vegetable oil I was using was terrible for me. What was the use of eating pastured chicken breast or grass fed steak if I was cooking it in genetically modified, nutrient deficient canola oil?

When I began to shift to a whole food, nutrient dense diet, I began to switch what I used to cook in. I switched from Teflon or non-stick to cast iron or stainless steel. I switched from storing food in plastic to glass. I also began switching out the oils I used. Here are some studies/articles discussing the health risks of canola, vegetable oil, and even margarine:…/Cooking-with-vegetable-oils-r…

(The NIH studies for some reason aren't showing up for me, on Google or DuckDuckGo)…/butter-unlikely-to-harm-healt…/amp/

If we're looking at what is healthier for us, it seems pretty obvious that things that are minimally processed would be better, right? Unfortunately, artificial products have been pushed by the media for years, and a lot of people believe they're still "better" for you. What are some of the alternative cooking oils/fats that we should be eating instead?

*butter (preferably organic and grass-fed) *avocado oil *coconut oil *beef tallow *extra virgin olive oil

This is by no means a complete list, but rather a starting point. Often, healthcare providers tout the "safety and effectiveness" of vaccines without looking at any other preventative measures for health. Our diets, even from the womb (Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is a great resource for this discussion) influence the outcome of our health. Everything we eat, from the oils we cook in to the bread and meat we consume, affects our health.

Instilling healthy eating habits in our children will also help their immune systems and overall health later in life. When we look at what we consume, it's best to start at the bottom and look at everything going in.

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