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HB 184 is an immunization tracking bill. It has passed committee without the amendment to opt out that we submitted last session. Please contact your house representatives and senators to let them know your thoughts on HB184 and how you'd like them to vote. 

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What can you do now? Continue to grow relationships with your legislators. E-mails, letters, and calls are great but if you have the chance, take the time to make an appointment and meet them in person! Face to face conversations go such a long way especially when you have a personal story to tell. This bill is not the only reason to speak to your Representatives and Senators. Get to know them, let them get to know you, tell them your thoughts or concerns on other legislation. Make sure if you find legislation you support that you tell them that as well! Building strong relationships will serve us all in the future when we will inevitably need to call on their support. This is the time to open minds and hearts to our cause. Remember not to treat them as enemies. Our goal is to find allies that will help us fight to retain our liberties and even gain ground.

hb 184

Full Text

sb 380

Full Text

HB 103 - SB 56 Proposed Amendment

ImmPRint manual

Alabama code



immunization registry - original code being amended by this bill

memorandum of understanding - 5.2

Policy and Procedures for Protecting Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Individually Identifiable Information Contained in the Alabama Immunization Registry

Alabama code 420-6-2 

exchange of immunization information and operation of the alabama immunization registry

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