What do I need to bring with me to get a religious exemption?

If the child was not born in Alabama, you'll need to bring their birth certificate. 

Otherwise you'll simply need a valid photo ID and your signed statement explaining how vaccines violate your religious tenets. 

Please see our 
Exemption Guide for more information about the process of obtaining exemption.

Do I need to renew my child's vaccination exemption?

No. Exemptions do not need to be renewed. 

Please see our Exemption Guide for more information about exemptions.

Do private schools accept religious exemptions? 

It depends on the school. Non government funded institutions can choose whether or not to accept exemptions. It is best to find out directly from the school during an interview or you can call or email an administrator to find out. 

How do I refuse vaccinations for myself or my children? 

The most important step is to make sure you are secure in your decision. Then simply say, "No." You do not have to explain or defend your decision unless you choose to do so. If at any time you feel as if your decisions are not being respected, find another facility or physician that better suits your needs. 

Can I adopt if my family is not 'up to date' on vaccinations?

It is possible to foster and adopt without vaccinating your family. Children in foster care will be vaccinated by the CDC schedule. An exemption will most likely be required for the children in the home. Pet vaccinations will likely have to be up to date as well. 

In order to foster under 1 year of age or medically fragile children, all residents in the home must be up to date including the annual flu vaccine and TDaP. 

For a private adoption, there are no requirements on vaccination status for the home or adopted child.