Learn all you need to know about religious and medical exemptions from vaccines in Alabama


How to Obtain a Vaccine Exemption

ACVR cannot recommend or guide you in ways to abuse or wrongfully obtain an exemption. We can only educate you on the process as it stands. 

1) Make an appointment with your local health department for an "Immunization Exemption."


2) You do not need to bring anything with you to the appointment other than your ID and a signed statement explaining how vaccines violate your religious tenets.


3) ADPH staff can and most likely will offer the video for you to watch. You can politely refuse the video. Staff will offer you the vaccine refusal form. You can politely refuse to sign.


4) About the form -- many families are simply marking through parts of it and signing it. This doesn't do anything to validate your objections. The staff will still check the "signed" box in the system. If you do not agree with the form, don't sign it.

5) You can go to a department outside the county you live in.


6) You do not have to wait until your blue card is expired to obtain an exemption.


7) You can obtain an exemption for one vaccine or for all of them.


8) You do not have to renew an exemption.


9) Any school/daycare facility that accepts state funding in any way must by law accept an exemption. 

10) Make sure to keep the original exemption in your files. Only give a copy to the school/daycare facility to have on file. 


11) As of yet, no law has passed to remove religious exemptions. It is still our right to obtain one and use it accordingly in place of a blue card.

12) If there are any issues presented at an exemption appointment with health department staff, call Kaye Melnick - Chief Nursing Officer - (334) 206-5703.

- Due to Covid 19, many county health department locations may be operating a little differently under current guidelines. One major change is that they will no longer take walk-ins and you must make an appointment. It is best to call ahead to find out what to expect as far as what their current procedures are. All of the above information still applies. 

Medical Exemptions

"A licensed physician can provide individual exemption from the required immunizations or testing on a Certificate of Medical Exemption. The Certificate of Religious Exemption and the Certificate of Medical Exemption will be on forms approved by the Alabama Department of Public Health and will be accepted in lieu of the Certificate of Immunization."

Religious Exemptions

Religious beliefs are protected under the US constitution:


     14th Amendment (section 1) US Supreme court rulings state parents have the “right to parent their children” including Medical Decisions…without state intervention-unless the state has deemed them “unfit”. (Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 [2000]) 1st Amendment of the US Constitution ONLY requires a “Religious Belief” to be “religious in nature” and “sincerely held.” (Sherr and Levy vs. Northport East-Northport Union Free School District, 672 F. Supp. 81, [E.D.N.Y., 1987]; Mason v. General Brown Cent. School Dist., 851 F.2d 47 [2nd Cir. 1988], Lewis v. Sobel, 710 F. Supp. 506, 512 [S.D.N.Y. 1989]; and Farina v. The Board of Education, 116 F. Supp.2d 503 [S.D.N.Y. 2000] are cases that cite United States v. Seeger, 380 U.S. 163, 85 S.Ct. 850 and other U.S. Supreme Court cases)

And the Alabama Constitution:

Religious freedom.

"That no religion shall be established by law; that no preference shall be given by law to any religious sect, society, denomination, or mode of worship; that no one shall be compelled by law to attend any place of worship; nor to pay any tithes, taxes, or other rate for building or repairing any place of worship, or for maintaining any minister or ministry; that no religious test shall be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under this state; and that the civil rights, privileges, and capacities of any citizen shall not be in any manner affected by his religious principles."

by Brooke Shambley

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

     When we first find out about vaccinations and realize that our children are being injected with strange ingredients and that our own children or our friend’s children are experiencing vaccine injuries, we will do anything it takes to protect our children. The possible exemptions in states across the U.S. are religious, philosophical, or medical exemptions.

In Alabama, only two are available:

Religious exemptions and medical exemptions. As you may realize, this is limiting.

     Religious exemptions are sought for religious reasons. According to the state, the family requesting the exemption should have an objection to vaccines due to their religious beliefs. Therefore, what you say while you are requesting a religious exemption matters.

Before you leave home, gather the documents below in case they are requested:

  • Drivers license

  • Birth certificate(s)

     Step 1: Go to the County Health Department and Request the Exemption.

When you are requesting your exemptions, keep it simple. Do not share a story. Simply state the law and request the exemption.

“Title 16 of the Code of Alabama, Chapter 30, Section 16-30-3 protects the right of parents to object to my child’s vaccinations on religious grounds. I would like to request a religious exemption.”

     Step 2: Write a letter or follow their procedure.

All the rules require is that the parent or guardian make a written statement that immunization or testing conflicts with their religious tenets and practices.

How to Write your Letter 

Your reasons must be religious, so stay away from any language discussing the effects of toxins in the body, politics, or vaccine reactions. These are all philosophical and medical reasons. When discussing religious reasons, you need to be specific to your religion.

I’m personally going to discuss the religious objections due to Christian beliefs, since this is my experience. If you are of a different faith, please share your religion’s objection so other people can see an example of your words.

The Most Basic Language -->

"I am the parent or legal guardian of ______________.

Immunizations are in conflict with my religious tenets or practices.

Therefore, I request that my child be enrolled in school, preschool, child day care facilities, or family day care homes without immunizations required by Title 16 of the Code of Alabama, Chapter 30.”


More Thorough Language to Explore -->

Aborted fetal DNA is one of the most prominent reasons that Christians chose not to vaccinate. The below statement from Living Whole describes the vaccines containing fetal tissue.

“At least 27 vaccines contain cells, cellular debris, protein, and DNA from aborted babies including (but not limited to), Adenovirus, Polio, Dtap/Polio/HiB Combo, Hep A, Hep A/Hep B Combo, MMR, MMRV Pro Quad, Rabies, Varicella, Shingles vaccines, Ebola, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and influenza vaccines.” - excerpt from www.livingwhole.org

Include a link to package inserts to encourage them to do their homework. 

Consider using the verses below to support points of your religious argument:

  • Thou shalt not murder (Exodus 20:13 & Deuteronomy 5:13)

  • Children are recognized from God at the point of conception (Genesis 4:1, 17, and Jeremiah 1:5)

  • Children are knit together by God in the womb (Psalm 139:13-16; Psalm 22:10-11; & Galatians 1:15)

  • Children are blessings from God (Genesis 1:28; Genesis 4:1; Psalms 127:3 and 113:7-9)

  • Children are valued and loved (Matthew 18:1-14 and 19:13-15)

  • Children are created in His image (Genesis 1:27)

  • And their killing is condemned (Psalm 106:35, 37-38)

  • The prophet Amos condemns the Ammonites because they “ripped open expectant mothers in Gilead” (Amos 1:13)

  • Child killing was one of the major reasons that God’s anger burned against the Kingdom of Israel bringing about their destruction and exile (2 Kings 17:17-18)

     This particular verse can be important for your letter. “Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit.” This covers all the other vaccines that do not contain aborted fetal tissue, but are contaminated with harmful substances.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, NIV).

“Vaccines contain neurotoxins, hazardous substances, attenuated viruses, animal parts, foreign DNA, albumin from human blood, carcinogens, and chemical wastes that are proven harmful to the human body.” - excerpt from www.livingwhole.org

     Consider including this link to provide a quick reference to vaccine ingredients. (aborted fetal tissue listed as WI-38 and MRC-5 human diploid cells)

In response to your request, the Health Department should issue you a Certificate of Religious Exemption.



Health Department Procedure  

If you follow the Health Departments procedure, you will watch a video (scare tactic) and sign a document stating that you object to vaccines based on religious exemptions. (Note: If you have a blank copy of this document, I would love to have a copy so I can link to it here.)

In response to your request, the Health Department should issue you a Certificate of Religious Exemption.

Further Information

State Board of Health Rules 

“ A written objection from the parent or guardian of a student or child based on religious tenets and practices shall be submitted in person by the parent or guardian to the County Health Department for issuance of a Certificate of Religious Exemption from the required immunizations or testing. A licensed physician can provide individual exemption from the required immunizations or testing on a Certificate of Medical Exemption. The Certificate of Religious Exemption and the Certificate of Medical Exemption will be on forms approved by the Alabama Department of Public Health and will be accepted in lieu of the Certificate of Immunization.”

Alabama State Law

“The provisions of this chapter shall not apply if:

(1) In the absence of an epidemic or immediate threat thereof, the parent or guardian of the child shall object thereto in writing on grounds that such immunization or testing conflicts with his religious tenets and practices”

Georgia State Law (for comparison)

“Religious Objections to Required Immunizations"

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) below, a child shall be exempt from the required immunizations if the parent or legal guardian has filed with the school or childcare facility a completed affidavit on DPH Form 2208.

(2) When the Department or a County Board of Health determines that an epidemic or the threat of an epidemic exists, the Department or Board shall immediately notify the governing authorities of all schools and childcare facilities within the affected area. Under those circumstances, the Department or Board may require immunization for those who object on the grounds of religious beliefs, and may prohibit attendance at schools or childcare facilities within the area by unimmunized children.

(3) Persons who wish to register a religious objection to the vaccination of their child shall do so using the following DPH Form 2208:”

How to Get a Vaccine Religious Exemption (has extra information about what to do when schools/individuals question your beliefs)

Florida Vaccine Religious Exemption Information (for research) 

Religious Exemption for Employment or Higher Education

*will require editing for personalization 

Acceptance of this affidavit is subject to the policies of the institute or company to which it is submitted

Vaccine Exemption Affidavit

I, _____________, citizen of the State of Alabama and the United States of America affirm: Be it known to all
courts, governments, and other parties that:

Being a person of strong Christian morals, it is against my religious convictions to accept the injection of any
foreign substance into my body or the body of my child. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all
vaccinations, shots, tests for diseases, oral vaccines, epidermal patches, and in any other way that live or killed
bacterium, viruses, pathogens, germs, or any other microorganisms, that may be introduced into or upon my body
or any of my children's bodies.


This written statement to exempt my child from any immunizations, TB testing, and other shots/injections, because
I hold genuine and sincere personal religious beliefs which are inconsistent with these medical procedures and
experimentation. The practice of vaccination and the injection of any foreign substance is contrary to my
conscientiously held religious beliefs and practices, and violates the free exercise of my religious principles.


I, ____________, as the parent of ___________________ am exercising my rights under the First Amendment of
the U.S. Constitution and C.R.S. 25-4-1704 (4) (b) and Alabama Government Code Section 16-30-3 and
Alabama Code 22-20-3 Section 22-20-3 to receive religious exemption from vaccinations and testing.


Applicable law has been interpreted to mean that a religious belief is subject to protection even though no religious
group espouses such beliefs or the fact that the religious group to which the individual professes to belong may not
advocate or require such belief. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended Nov. 1, 1980; Part 1605.1-
Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Religion.







I affirm that vaccination and injections of any foreign substances and proteins conflict with my religious beliefs as
stated above. Therefore, I would request that you accommodate my religious beliefs and practices by exempting my
child from any vaccinations, injections, and testing of any kind.


Subscribed and sworn, without prejudice, and with all rights reserved, (Print Name Below)

Signature of Affiant



State of Alabama
County of Etowah
On this ___ day of __________, 20___, before me


Personally appeared ___________________ , to me known to be the person described in and who executed the
foregoing instrument and acknowledged that he/she executed the same as his free act and deed, for the purposes
therein set forth.


(Notary Public)
My Commission Expires _______________________, 20___


Dr. Bob Sears