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SB 267 is scheduled for a vote in the House Health Committee Wednesday, 4/21/2021

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  •  Use this One Click campaign from AL Freedom Keepers to easily contact representatives with pre-written email templates with just one click! 

  •  Personally contact Health Committee members and your personal representatives about this bill and let them know your thoughts by e-mail, letter, or phone calls. 

Use this list to copy & paste email addresses for the House Health Committee: 

plee@wrcjobs.com; annihall19@gmail.com; laurahall@alhouse.gov; weskitchens@mclo.org; tiger9127@bellsouth.net; scott.stadthagen@alhouse.gov; csea@centurytel.net; ed.oliver@alhouse.gov; reprafferty@gmail.com; arnoldmooney@alhouse.gov; charlotte.meadows@alhouse.gov; rhett.marques@alhouse.gov; joe.lovvorn@alhouse.gov; craig.lipscomb@alhouse.gov; jagray108@gmail.com; mikelann.auburtin@alhouse.gov

Full Bill Text:


212751-3 By Senator Orr

RFD: Healthcare

First Read: 24-FEB-21






Relating to immunizations; to prohibit the issuance of vaccine passports by government entities; to prohibit government entities from requiring an individual to receive an immunization as a condition for government benefits or services, with exceptions; and to prohibit businesses from refusing service to an individual based on that individual's immunization status.



Section 1. (a) A state or local government entity, or any of its officers or agents, may not issue vaccine or immunization passports, vaccine or immunization passes, or any other standardized documentation for the purpose of certifying the immunization status of an individual, or otherwise require the publication or sharing of immunization records or similar health information for an individual, except as otherwise required by Chapter 30 of Title 16, Code of Alabama 1975, or other applicable state law.

(b) A state or local government entity or agency, or any of its officers or agents, may not require an individual to receive an immunization or present documentation of an immunization as a condition for receiving any government benefit or service or for entry into a government building, except as otherwise required by Chapter 30 of Title 16, Code of Alabama 1975, or other applicable state law.


(c) An entity or individual doing business in this state may not refuse to provide any goods or services, or refuse to allow admission to an individual, based on an individual's immunization status or lack of documentation that an individual has received an immunization.


Section 2. This act shall become effective immediately following its passage and approval by the Governor, or its otherwise becoming law. 


Read for the first time and referred to the Senate committee on Healthcare - 2.4-FEB-21

Read for the second time and placed on the calendar - 0.3-MAR-21


Read for the third time and passed as amended - 0.8-APR-21

Yeas 30

Nays 0


Patrick Harris,