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Informed Alabama - ACVR is growing quickly and in order to accomplish all our goals, we need you! 

Submit the form below if you're interested in a position as a Committee Member, Zone Leader, or even a full on Board Member. 

Being a Committee Member can be as flexible as you'd like it to be! Tasks and projects are presented to the group and members can volunteer for what they'd like to take on and will have time for. Even if you only have a few minutes occasionally, there will be tasks for that as well! 

We're looking for people to write, research, create educational materials, design graphics, help maintain and update our website, communicate with legislators, pitch ideas, and more! 

Zone Leaders will organize events and connect with members in person in their local zone area. 

Board Members have different positions and we have several seats to fill. If you're interested in joining the board, let us know your interests and skills and we can discuss if there is a good fit in one of those positions. 

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